Teaching Staff


1. Mrs Angeline Kuria (Principal – CRE)
2. Miss Winnie Ngaruiya  (Deputy Principal – History and CRE)
3. Mrs. Miriam Muiruri – (HOD - Guidance & Counselling  - Home science)
4.Miss. Angeline Thiongo (HOD – Boarding, English and Literature)
5.Mr. Joram Mwangi (HOD – Languages,
English and Literature)
6.Mr. John Kamau (HOD – Science, Physics, Mathematics)
7.Mrs. Mary Ngigi (HOD – Mathematics, mathematics)
8.Mrs. Agusta Kinyua (HOD – Technical, Homescience)
9.Mr. Maina Francis (HOD – Careers, CRE, History)
10.Mr. Samuel Karanja (HOD – Games, Biology,Chemistry)
11.Mr.  Nderitu SK (Dean of studies – Mathematics,Business studies)
12.Mr. Gabriel Macatha (Dean of studies - Music, Kiswahili)
13.Mr. Joel Maina (Biology)
14.Mr. Philip chege (English, literature)
15.Mr. Mwangi (
English, literature)
16.Mrs. Jane Kyaleen (
English, literature)
17.Mr. Nguru (Maths,Geography)
18.Mr. Mwangi(Mathematics,Physics)
19.Sr.  Mary Emmanuel(mathematics)
20.Ms. Kimani Lilian (Mathematics,Physics)
21.Mrs. Muiruri Rose (Mathematics)
22.Mr. Kamau Ng'ang'a (Agriculture,Biology)
23.Mr. Ng'ang'a Geoffery(Music,kiswahili)
24.Ms. Kamau Agnes(Computer Studies)
25.Mrs.Wachihi Consolata(Kiswahili,History)
26.Mr. James Githuku(

27. Mrs. Mwaura Beatrice(Kiswahili,Cre)

28. Mrs. Esther kamuhu( Kiswahili,Cre)

29. Mr. Menge(Biology,Chemistry)

30.Mr. James Mukoma(chemistry,Geography)

31. Mr. Elias Wamai(Chemistry,Physics)

32.Mrs. Doris Wanjohi(Chemistry,Biology)

33.Mrs. Rosemary Kihara(History,Cre)

34.Mrs. Ruth Ngigi(Geography,Cre)

35.Ms. Njoki Grace(History,Cre)

36.Mr. Ngugi Kamau(Geography,Biology)

37.Mr. Njiraini (Cre,History) 



ICT department


 Ict deparment is one of the departments that is quite interesting.The students are taught how to use the computer and learn …

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